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Archive for August 2019

Importance Of Not Running Red Lights

In transition time from green, to yellow, to red, a driver sometimes has just seconds to decide if they should speed up or slow down. The pros of speeding up are that you make the light, you don’t have to wait, and there is a certain thrill about just making it in time. Yet, the…

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Solar-Panel Roads, A Failure For Now

The world we live in changes constantly, as well as our energy needs. For a long time, gas and oil have powered our vehicles and lives, but solar-technology has become more popular. Aside from installing solar panels on houses, buildings, cars, or open fields, some have proposed using roads. In fact, France took a leap…

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Couple Out $9,000 After Car Scam

Buying a new or used vehicle is an exciting process but requires attention to detail. Allow yourself the opportunity to visually inspect, test drive, and/or have a third-party mechanic look at it. Above all, remember that car scams are not easy to stop sometimes, even at a dealership. One Chicago couple found out the hard…

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