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Archive for October 2019

Halloween: A Scary Time For Auto Insurance Claims

Halloween, one of if not the best holiday, is this Thursday, which means swarms of children will be walking around. In a perfect world, everyone would use crosswalks and look both ways when crossing the street, but the world is not perfect. It would do a lot of good for drivers to be on higher…

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How Often Should You Change Wiper Blades

A vital but often ignored part of any vehicle is the windshield wiper blades. The materials in the blade include rubber, halogen- hardened rubber, or silicon and wipe the windshield so the driver has a clear vision of the road. People may neglect to change them when necessary because blades are disposable. People may not…

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Is Auto-Braking Technology Helping?

Certain new vehicles have technology features to help the driver brake faster when approaching an object. While these auto-brake systems should not and are not intended as the primary braking system, it is disappointing to see the latest reports. Unfortunately, these new systems fail to recognize child-size objects the majority of the time and do…

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