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Archive for November 2019

Weather Reports: Holiday Travel

As we creep closer to Thanksgiving, many are planning their holiday travel routes. A big factor to watch for as the week progresses is the weather. Reports of bad weather sweeping the nation this week claim to bring rain, icy conditions, and of course snow. Before hitting the road, check weather reports, pack appropriately, and…

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Research Before Buying New Car

From time to time auto manufacturers will update or redesign one of their models. The update usually brings new technology, electronics, and parts to improve the vehicle’s reliability. But with new technology and features often comes new bugs and malfunctions. It is for this reason that Consumer Reports recently put out an article breaking down…

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Winter And Your Car Battery

As the white snow falls, and the howling winds blow, old car batteries die, while new ones survive. Yes, winter season is in full effect across Chicagoland, which means your car battery may stop working properly. Luckily there are a few tricks to keep your battery from failing, leaving you stranded. From performing a little…

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Winter Tires & Other Winter Necessities

It seems like winter approaches earlier and earlier every year. Normally, Chicago doesn’t see snow until late November, but this year we were hit in late October. As temperatures continue to drop, and precipitation continues to fall, you can expect road conditions to get dangerous. There are several things you can do to help keep…

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