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Archive for February 2020

Car Insurance Rates Rise In 2020

As recently reported by Business Insider, car insurance rates are rising in several states this year. Unfortunately, Illinois happens to be one of the affected states, which means some drivers will pay more. Now, the increase does not affect every driver, especially those with a good driving record. However, a large number of people will…

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How To Calculate Car Payments

If you have a car that’s near the end of its life, or just looking to trade your current one in for something new, then figuring out what you can afford is important. New car shopping for some consumers may seem intimidating, but with some tools, it can be made easier. One of the most…

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Credit Score Affects Rates

Most people know that factors such as driving history play a large role in their car insurance rates, but what about their credit score? That’s right, your credit score can affect the rate you receive from an insurance company. Drivers with low credit scores end up paying more for their insurance than drivers with great…

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The Price We Pay For Safety

We truly live in a time of great innovation and technology regarding cars and transportation. Companies have invested greatly in safety technology such as advanced collision warning and anti-lock brakes. The tech helps drivers stay safer on the roadways and helps them avoid accidents. While dealerships and companies try to sell consumers on safety features,…

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