Keeping Up With Auto Insurance Policy

The times we live in are uncertain, and many people are feeling their budgets tighten. Hopefully, you or your household are fortunate enough to not be affected by COVID-19 directly, but most people are feeling its indirect effects. One of the major indirect effects or consequences of a global pandemic is how it changes the way we operate our everyday lives. Governments have shut down schools, workplaces, and other public areas in an effort to keep people healthy. But with so many places shutting down, many may wonder how they can purchase what they need. For example, their state required auto insurance policy.

Not Letting Coverage Lapse

Although Illinois is under stay at home order, people still need to leave their homes for certain reasons. Some people are considered essential workers, which means they are required to be at work. Outside of work, most people regularly use their car to get groceries, and that has not changed. So it is important that Illinois drivers purchase and maintain an auto insurance policy throughout the pandemic. Additionally, if you decide to cancel or not renew your coverage you could face penalties. For one, companies can charge you a cancellation fee. Secondly, an auto insurance company will question any lapse or gap in your history and will charge you more for coverage.

Importance Of Renewal

In Illinois, drivers must renew their auto insurance policy on or before their current policy expiration date. If a driver does not renew their policy before expiring, they could face multiple consequences. For example, a driver caught driving uninsured could face fines and lose driving priveledges. Secondly, if a driver gets into an accident, they will need to pay out of pocket for damages, which few can afford to do. Maintaining your auto insurance throughout these tough times could save you from tougher times ahead.

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