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Bridgeport’s Brown Menace

As recently reported in the Chicago Suntimes, there is a serial car vandaliser in Bridgeport, Chicago. The assailant uses bodily waste to smear and cover cars, and recently even a storefront window. The person vandalizing cars has not been caught, and the last description for them was a black sweatshirt, hat, tan pants, and a was carrying a brown bag.

The Brown Vandalier

The vandal targets neighborhoods in Bridgeport. Three different targets in the same night of June 9th, and striking again sometime between June 15th-17th. It may have been a month, but this person is still out there, which means your car could be vulnerable.

Take Home Message

Protect your vehicle from vandalism by parking in well-lit areas, in plain view, and in a garage/driveway if possible. Not all vandalism, such as smearing bodily waste, causes actual damage to the car. This means your insurance would not cover this particular kind of incident. In other cases where vandals cause damage to your vehicle, it pays to have proper insurance.

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