Car Maintenance Under Quarantine

Although the COVID-19 pandemic put many lives on hold, certain things can not necessarily be put on hold. Outside of medical needs, people need to maintain other parts of their life even if they are not moving around as much. One important part of many people’s lives is their transportation. Cars require routine maintenance such as oil changes, brake pads, or repairs, but our current situation makes routine behaviors difficult. On top of maintenance, some people worry about their car’s battery since many are not leaving their homes as often. This post has tips and ideas for those with car maintenance needs right now and in the future. 

Routine Maintenance

A typical car needs an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles depending on several factors. At a time like we find ourselves in now, stretching that mileage a bit more is not a terrible idea. Obviously driving your car on oil that needs changing is bad for the car. However, if the car is in otherwise good shape, it won’t destroy the car and it might save you from illness. As an important note, if your car has a motor or mechanical problem, it needs to be taken care of immediately. 

Less-Routine But Still Necessary

Outside of routine oil changes, other parts of your car require regular maintenance. One such part is your tires, which need to be properly inflated, rotated, or replaced from time to time. Most tire shops should still be open, which means buying new tires or getting them rotated should not be a hassle. As for inflating them, most gas stations have air pressure tanks that let you purchase about 5 min worth of air pressure. 

Keeping Your Battery Charged

Since many people are out of work or working from home, their cars sit in place for long periods. As you may or may not know, your car’s battery recharges itself when you drive, but when it sits idle for too long, the battery drains. It would be a major inconvenience to finally be ready to head into work and find that your car does not start. Avoid this by driving your car at least once a week for about 20 minutes or more.

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