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How Often Should You Shop Auto Insurance

Is there anything more dreadful then paying your auto insurance bill every month? You may feel like the price you got was the best you were going to get, but you may be wrong. Often times people will stick with the same insurer, usually because of the price or services offered. There is no denying that good customer service, a fair price, and additional services compel people to stay, but how often should you shop for auto insurance.

It’s Time

Let’s start by considering how long a typical policy is good for, which is 1 year. In that year, your car has naturally depreciated in value, meaning it is not worth the same amount today as it was a year ago. If your car is not as valuable, why should you pay the same insurance rates as a year before? Instead, check with your local Insurance Navy agent to see what other companies will offer. You may find something more affordable. While in that same policy, it would be ideal to start looking after about 6 months. This gives you ample time to do research and compare quotes.

C’mon, Give It A Try

In the best case, you will find a better deal that has all of or at least close to the same services as your old policy. In the worst case, you get a look at your current rate see and what you can improve on. Remember, your rates have to do with more than location and car model.

Take Home Message

The answer the question of how often should you shop for auto insurance, regularly. It cannot hurt you to compare quotes, and you may find a better deal out there. In addition, you’ll know that your car is being insured at its present value, and you may find ways to lower your rates in the meantime.

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