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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Teens


Insurance companies charge teen drivers more for insurance policies because of their inexperience driving. This does not mean that insurance has to cost a small fortune for teens. There are three simple ways to reduce the cost of auto insurance.

Pick an affordable car to insure

When picking a car for your teen, find a cheap and reliable car. The higher the car value, the higher the car insurances rates will be. Cars older than 6 model years tend to be cheaper to insure. Also look for cars with increased safety features which may also reduce the insurance costs. 

Get liability coverage

It is okay to skip out on full coverage, especially with an older car. The general rule of thumb is to drop full coverage insurance when the insurance is more than 10 percent of a car’s replacement value. 

Ask for the Good Student Discount

Most insurance companies give good student discounts to young drivers who have a B-average in school. When shopping for insurance rates, be sure to mention a teen’s good student discount to get a more accurate quote. 

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