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How To Help Prevent Car Vandalism


Theft and vandalism auto insurance claims are not as uncommon as you’d hope. Even with the best auto coverage, vandalism can be a hassle to deal with. There are several methods of preventing vandalism that goes beyond having or installing an alarm. Some methods are more clever and affordable, where others are expensive but worth the price. Many people want to know what they can do to prevent vandalism

Location, Location, Location

The area in which you park your vehicle factors into the chances of it getting vandalized. If you have a garage at home, then it may be the most secure spot. For additional security install a quality lock on the garage doors.

If you are parking on the street, try to steer clear of low lit or areas with no street light coverage. Vandals are less likely to act if they are in plain sight, so parking in an area that is well lit throughout the night is key. If you are in public and don’t feel comfortable parking on the street, seek valet parking. Valet lots normally have security cameras and staff regularly patrolling.

Keep It Low-Key

Items left in your vehicle can often attract unwanted attention. A wallet, laptop, tools, shoes, sound system or other personal items can be targets. Try to store items under the seat, in a compartment, or in the trunk. If a person can’t see items in the vehicle, they are less likely to then vandalize it.

Another item people often keep in or on their vehicle is a spare key. Make sure to hide the key in a spot only you know. If and when you need to use that spare key, look around for anyone watching you. A potential vandal may see where you placed the key, giving them access to the vehicle.  

Spend Money to Save Frustration

Many people shy away from purchasing an alarm system because they believe no one responds to them. What they may not consider is that a vandal or thief is less likely to remain near the vehicle if an alarm is sounding. Having a loud alarm systems alerts you and neighbors to vandals.

Purchasing a quality alarm system may be out of the question, however, other means of staying secure exist. Installing minimal devices, such as a flashing red light, may scare off potential vandals. Slap a security companies decal on the vehicle for a bonus effect. Vandals are less likely to harass your vehicle if they believe you possess an alarm or other devices.


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