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How to Tell If You Need New Tires


A simple maintenance tip for all car owners is monitoring your tire’s tread. Bald tires do not catch the road as well as new ones, making driving dangerous. Bad tread can lead to accidents and auto insurance claims, especially in poor weather conditions. Not everyone knows how to check their tread, and many people may be operating their vehicle on defective tires.  So, how do you tell if you need to replace them?

Check The Tread

Visually inspecting the tread is the simplest way to recognize if you need replacement tires. It may not be clear to most people, but there is a test you can self-administer. All you need is a penny, and yes it must be a penny. Place the penny between the tread lines with Lincoln’s head touching the tire. If the entirety of Lincoln’s head is visible, then you need replacements.

Length Of Time

Sometimes infrequent driving preserves tire tread for an extended period, but the tires themselves may be old. Most manufacturers recommend you replace them every ten years, however, you should monitor tread or other damage. For specific time frames, check with the manufacturer.

Weather & Terrain

As previously stated, bald or worn down tires cannot catch the road as well in snow or rain. Beyond low tread, other factors such as weather and terrain affect your tires. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can damage tires. Similarly, bumpy roads, potholes, and rocks can wreak havoc on your wheels. If you experience extreme weather frequently or live in an area with plenty of potholes, then you should them more often.

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