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Importance Of Not Running Red Lights

In transition time from green, to yellow, to red, a driver sometimes has just seconds to decide if they should speed up or slow down. The pros of speeding up are that you make the light, you don’t have to wait, and there is a certain thrill about just making it in time. Yet, the cons of speeding up include getting a ticket, in an accident, or hitting pedestrian crossing. Drivers face this decision daily and,  as a result, an average of 2 people a day are killed by drivers running red lights. This post will discuss the importance of breaking early, and coming to a full stop, and not running red lights. 

Preventable Outcomes

In the year 2017, drivers who ran red lights killed nearly one thousand people. According to AAA’s data and other sources, this is a 28% increase from 2012, and a 10 year high. AAA also found that 28% of intersection crash deaths were related to drivers running a red light. While there is no clear reason for the increase in deaths, many point to distracted driving as a prime suspect. 


For Drivers – AAA recommends breaking early for red lights, and tapping the breaks as you approach an intersection to let other drivers know of the stop. If you have to, think about the consequences of running a red light. Is it worth getting a ticket, getting in an accident, higher insurance premiums, or worse. After the light turns green gives it a second or two before accelerating. There may be risky drivers trying to make the light and subsequently run a red light. 

For Pedestrians/CyclistAAA recommends looking both ways even when you have the signal to walk. Since there are drivers willing to risk running a red light, it serves pedestrians and cyclists best to give it a second or two. Be alert at when crossing, and either remove headphones or turn music down to the point that you can hear things around you.It’s not fair, but it is safer. 

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