Sanitizing A Car Interior

With the recent coronavirus outbreak happening in China, and as more cases pop up around the world, keeping yourself healthy is important. One of the best ways we can keep ourselves healthy is by interacting in clean environments, such as your workplace, home, and car. While most people do routine house cleaning and office cleaning, their car might go unsanitized for months. In fact, some studies have found that a car’s steering wheel may contain as much if not more bacteria and germs as a toilet seat. This post discusses some disturbing facts about car interiors and some ways you can keep it clean.

Germs Are Every Where

Since we use our hands for just about everything we do, we end up touching a lot of different objects. And on each of those surfaces that you interact with, your hands collect and spread germs. Although not all germs and bacteria are bad for you, running into enough of them increases your chances of catching something. With that in mind, think about all the germs a car interior comes into contact with from your hand touching the door handle, steering wheel, or cup holders. Researchers have found that a steering wheel contains about 700 germs per square inch, about nine times more than a toilet seat.

Clean Machine

Now that we know just how disgusting the surfaces we touch everyday are, let’s discuss some ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Just like with a work desk or a nightstand, a good wipe down of the car interior keeps it clean and smelling good. In order to maintain cleanliness, consider keeping a container of disinfectant wipes in the car. Another helpful disinfectant to have around is hand sanitizer. Since you interact with many things with your hands, using some sanitizer helps kill all of the harmful germs you may have picked.    


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