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Spare Tire Maintenance Tips


Of all the features and gadgets cars come with, one of the most valuable ones is the spare tire. Spare tires are like auto insurance, they’re there when you need them. As valuable as spare tires are, they can become deflated or damaged over time. Sustaining the spare tires should be a priority.  the way the tires on the vehicle are.

The best way to preserve a spare tire is to monitor it’s air pressure routinely. A pressure gauge is the easiest way to do it yourself. It’s as simple as removing the valve stem cap and pressing the gauge head firmly on the stem. The owner’s manual will have proper inflation measurements and other information on the spare. After the tire inspection is complete, cap the valve stem.

The precise pressure requirements in the owners manual are more than recommendations. Over-inflation and under-inflation can be both detrimental to the vehicle and passenger safety.  Unless the owner purchased upgraded spares with the vehicle, newer vehicles usually come with less-durable spare tires.

Meticulous check-ups on a spare tire can save lots of stress in the future. The last thing anyone would want to deal with is having a flat tire and a flat spare. People that make time for preparation and maintenance are much more equipped if something goes wrong.

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