St. Patrick’s Day Chicago 2020

In exactly one week, Chicagoans will officially be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Since it falls on a Tuesday, which happens to be Illinois primary election day, most festivities will happen this weekend. And anyone who has lived in Chicago long enough knows that we do not hold back on this holiday. From dyeing part of the Chicago River green, hosting two parades, and lots of food and drinks in between. This post will highlight some of the details regarding the festivities.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

As mentioned above, Chicago hosts two separate parades to accommodate city dwellers as well as suburbanites around the city. One parade will be held down, starting Balbo and Columbus Drive and continuing on Columbus to Monroe street. If you plan on driving to this one, there are public parking garages available, just be aware of the prices. The parade will begin at noon. The closest parking can be found at Millennium Park and Millennium Lakeside Garages, according to the Sun-times.

St. Patrick’s Day Chicago

While most people will head to the downtown parade, the South Side Irish Parade is a local favorite for those in the suburbs. The parade will also begin at noon, however, instead of having it Saturday, it will be held on Sunday, March 15th. The parade will start at Western Ave and 103rd street in Beverly, Chicago, and run along western to 115th street. An important note, police have forbidden people from bringing open containers of alcohol as part of their zero-tolerance policy.   

Take-Home Message

As always, if you plan on driving to either parade, either monitor your alcohol intake carefully or don’t drink at all. Normally, a designated driver in a friend group would suffice, but due to the nature of this holiday, it may be a bad idea. Instead, make use of public transportation options and rideshare availability. Above all do not let yourself or others step behind the wheel if they’ve had too much to drink. With large crowds moving in and out of the city, it would be in everyone’s best interest if only sober drivers were on the roadways. 

UPDATE: All St.Patrick’s Day parades held in Chicago will be canceled until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Click here for more information.

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