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Payment Options For Car Insurance

In Illinois, drivers are required by law  to carry at least liability car insurance. Of course drivers have the option to add additional coverage, but they would also pay more. So, when it comes to paying your policy drivers have a few options. One option drivers have is to pay the entire policy in full,…

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Weather Reports: Holiday Travel

As we creep closer to Thanksgiving, many are planning their holiday travel routes. A big factor to watch for as the week progresses is the weather. Reports of bad weather sweeping the nation this week claim to bring rain, icy conditions, and of course snow. Before hitting the road, check weather reports, pack appropriately, and…

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Halloween: A Scary Time For Auto Insurance Claims

Halloween, one of if not the best holiday, is this Thursday, which means swarms of children will be walking around. In a perfect world, everyone would use crosswalks and look both ways when crossing the street, but the world is not perfect. It would do a lot of good for drivers to be on higher…

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How Often Should You Change Wiper Blades

A vital but often ignored part of any vehicle is the windshield wiper blades. The materials in the blade include rubber, halogen- hardened rubber, or silicon and wipe the windshield so the driver has a clear vision of the road. People may neglect to change them when necessary because blades are disposable. People may not…

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How To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Vehicle

The last thing on your mind when buying a new/used vehicle is what the resale value will be when you are done with it. Well, if you do plan on reselling your vehicle at some point, you likely want to get the most back for it. Certainly, you’re unlikely to receive a higher resale value…

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Top Cars For College Freshman

School is back in session, and many young adults are heading to college for the first time. Typical move-in lists for freshman include new clothes, bed sheets, food, and other supplies, and in some cases a new ride. Recently, Business Insider put together a list of 10 cars perfect for college freshman and highlighted some…

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Couple Out $9,000 After Car Scam

Buying a new or used vehicle is an exciting process but requires attention to detail. Allow yourself the opportunity to visually inspect, test drive, and/or have a third-party mechanic look at it. Above all, remember that car scams are not easy to stop sometimes, even at a dealership. One Chicago couple found out the hard…

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Bridgeport’s Brown Menace

As recently reported in the Chicago Suntimes, there is a serial car vandaliser in Bridgeport, Chicago. The assailant uses bodily waste to smear and cover cars, and recently even a storefront window. The person vandalizing cars has not been caught, and the last description for them was a black sweatshirt, hat, tan pants, and a…

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Questions To Ask Before Buying Auto Insurance


The number one feature people look for in auto insurance is the price. After finding a good price, people may be wondering what exactly are they paying for. What scenarios are they protected in, is there a cancelation cost, late fees, etc. These questions should be asked before purchasing any policy so that the holder…

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Where To Store A Spare Key


It’s significant to keep track of car keys since they give access to the car and any possessions inside. It’s not abnormal for car keys to be misplaced, but it can be extremely irritating. The desperate search for missing keys can produce unpleasant feelings of stress, anxiety, and more. An obvious way to prevent these…

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