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Top Cars For College Freshman

School is back in session, and many young adults are heading to college for the first time. Typical move-in lists for freshman include new clothes, bed sheets, food, and other supplies, and in some cases a new ride. Recently, Business Insider put together a list of 10 cars perfect for college freshman and highlighted some of the factors that make these cars perfect for a freshman. 

What Makes A Good Starter Car

Before we get into the list, what makes a car good for your student. You have to consider where they are going to school and how far away it is. A college freshman who will be traveling long distances from home to campus should invest in a car with good miles per gallon. Not having to drop gas money frequently makes a huge difference in a students life. Additionally, if your college freshman attends school in an area that gets pummeled by snow in winter, you may want to look into vehicles that can accommodate.

Test Scores & High Grades

Another thing to discuss are safety ratings, crash test ratings, and additional safety features are important as well. You want your college freshman as safe as possible, and many new vehicles’ features can help. Obviously the more advanced models will come with a hefty price tag, but it may very well be worth it. It really depends on where and how often your college freshman will be driving.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the price of the vehicle often looms over all other aspects and features offered. You want to find a vehicle your college freshman can afford to make monthly payments on, including auto insurance. Cars will be more safety features or better safety ratings may lower insurance rates as well.   

The cars on the Business Insider’s list are not just the lowest prices vehicles, but a variety of styles and functions. 

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