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Where To Store A Spare Key


It’s significant to keep track of car keys since they give access to the car and any possessions inside. It’s not abnormal for car keys to be misplaced, but it can be extremely irritating. The desperate search for missing keys can produce unpleasant feelings of stress, anxiety, and more. An obvious way to prevent these complications would be to create a spare key, but where should that key be stored?

On the Vehicle

There are a variety of containers that feature a magnetic strip so drivers can secure the key under the vehicle. The issue is that a stranger may notice the spot where the key is,  providing them access to the vehicle. Although car insurance may cover theft with the right coverage, no one wants their car stolen. On top of that, depending on the container, there is a possibility of it falling out of place.

At Home

Another ordinary place to keep a spare key is at home. Although the key is safer and less likely to get stolen or misplaced at home, it’s problematic. If the spare is at home and the car and car owner are anywhere else, the spare key is impractical.

With  Family/Friend

A common practice people utilize is trusting a friend or family member with a spare car key. Ideally, the person entrusted with the spare is responsible, reliable, and has access to a vehicle. This guarantees the spare is secure and can be transported to the owner.


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