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Common Car Insurance Scams And How To Avoid Them


Car insurance scams are very common and policyholders pay for them with increased premiums. In car insurance scams, drivers will false insurance claims for financial gain. 

Here are three common car insurance scams and how to avoid them:

Staged rear-ending 

One of the most common insurance claim scams is the staged rear-ending accident. The scammer will slow down suddenly causing the driver behind them to rear-end them.

How to avoid: Never follow other cars too closely. Leave at least two car lengths between you and the car in front of you. 

Fake bodily injury claim

The scammer will report back pain and/or whiplash. These type of bodily injuries are very hard to disprove. 

How to avoid: When involved in an accident, file a police report. The police officer will make note of all the damages. If the police report shows a minor fender-bender, the insurance company will be less likely to believe the driver suffered significant injuries. 

Pre-existing damage

In this car insurance scam, the driver will try to receive compensation or repairs pre-existing damage. 

How to avoid: Be extra vigilant about all the damages at the scene of the accident.