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How To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Vehicle

The last thing on your mind when buying a new/used vehicle is what the resale value will be when you are done with it. Well, if you do plan on reselling your vehicle at some point, you likely want to get the most back for it. Certainly, you’re unlikely to receive a higher resale value than when you bought it, but that doesn’t mean you should let it deteriorate. Some simple maintenance, careful driving, and multiple estimates go a long way when you decide to resell your car. 

Maintain To Gain

One of the easiest ways to maintain the resale value of your car is to maintain your car. Regular oil changes, brake pad replacement, and other maintenance help the car run smoothly. Additionally, a smooth-running vehicle is less likely to breakdown or have some other trouble. While the internal parts of your car help keep in running, the interior and exterior need regular cleanings as well. Most consumers would rather buy a nice, clean, and waxed used vehicle rather than a hunk of mess. It really is as easy as vacuuming the inside and taking it for a car wash.

I’m Driven Over Here!

On the list of reasons your car may not be as valuable as you would hope, your driving history ranks near the top. Getting ticketed for parking violations affects insurance but not the resale value of your car, but accidents do. A replaced bumper, door, hood, or another major part will drive the value of your vehicle down. In order to curb the resale value drop, drive with caution. Obviously people aren’t out on the road looking to crash into your car, but being cautious at least helps reduce your chances. 

Multiple Estimates

Once you are ready to sell or trade-in your vehicle it’s time to get a price range. There are two good ways to do this unless you have a preconceived value you want it set too. The first way is to consult Kelly Blue Book, which will give you a standard resale value for your car. The next way involves you calling multiple dealerships to get estimates. You can take the estimates and kelly blue book value and form a value, or come up with your own. 

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