Marijuana Laws & Chicago Drivers

As you may know, marijuana sales officially began on January 1st in Illinois this year. This means people may consume the one-time illegal substance recreationally within the state’s borders. As more shops open, more questions about where, and when someone can legally consume the product will rise. These questions are important especially for those who plan on driving to or from a “pot shop”. The aim of this post is to familiarize Chicago drivers with marijuana laws, and how to avoid penalties or consequences as a result. 

Secure The Package

Some folks may be wondering what the transporting process would be like for marijuana because before this year it was illegal to have it in your vehicle. Since the legalization a week ago, it is now legal to carry certain amounts with you. However, this does not mean you can consume it let alone have it out and open in your vehicle. So, in order to transport the substance legally, it must be in a sealed, odor-less, child-proof container. The container the product comes in actually meets all of the criteria, so keep any you buy for future use. 

Things To Consider

While it may be tempting to dip into your newly purchased substance, drivers and even passengers should avoid doing so while in a vehicle. Smoking marijuana in the car, whether it’s the driver or passenger(s) is still illegal. A driver could face DUI charges as well if police have reason to believe they are impaired. While state police and officials are still ironing out the best way to test for impairment, it’s best for drivers to avoid driving high altogether. Moreover, smoking in a car, even if not moving, is not a good idea. The smell lingers and can get caught in your interior, which could prompt police to believe you are driving impaired, even if you are not. 

Chicago drivers should familiarize themselves with marijuana laws if they plan on consuming the now legal product.
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