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Research Before Buying New Car

From time to time auto manufacturers will update or redesign one of their models. The update usually brings new technology, electronics, and parts to improve the vehicle’s reliability. But with new technology and features often comes new bugs and malfunctions. It is for this reason that Consumer Reports recently put out an article breaking down when you should buy that new model. This post will go over some of the steps a consumer should take before buying the newest car.

Redesign Process

Often times the hype surrounding the redesign of companies’ top model results in a large number of purchases. While there is definitely a thrill to being one of the first to own a new model, it often leads to headaches. Being one of the first to own a new model means you play a vital role for the manufacturer. If something goes wrong with your car, as in parts malfunction or the technology is buggy, you report the problem. When you report the problem the manufacturer eventually sees it and others and makes adjustments to their future models. So in other words, companies rely on consumers to report bugs so the company can make improvements. It is for this reason that Consumer Reports suggest waiting a year or two before buying the redesigned model.   

Before Buying

By having patience and not “pulling the trigger” on a redesigned model, you can secure yourself the same model type but with fewer bugs. Let others play the test subject role while you monitor updates about the car. After a year or two, when the manufacturer has had time to review and fix bugs, you should buy that model. If you can’t wait that long and need a new car, you could ask the dealership about previous models. You can usually get an older model for a discount and can almost guarantee that the model does not have bugs or malfunctions.          

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