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Archive for March 2020

Car Maintenance Under Quarantine

Although the COVID-19 pandemic put many lives on hold, certain things can not necessarily be put on hold. Outside of medical needs, people need to maintain other parts of their life even if they are not moving around as much. One important part of many people’s lives is their transportation. Cars require routine maintenance such…

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Chicago Halts Towing, Ticketing

While the coronavirus continues to hinder people’s ability to do normal activities, Mayor Lightfoot offered some relief. Instead of continuing ticketing, towing, and booting, Chicago will put a halt on those practices. The new measure’s intention to help people who are not working at the moment, and it lasts until April 30th. This post will…

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Coronavirus During Spring Break

As the coronavirus continues spreading throughout the world, many travelers may want to reconsider their spring break plans. Many college-aged people either begin or are already in their spring break, a time when many go on vacations. With so many new air travel restrictions, people have to decide whether to cancel their vacations or drive…

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St. Patrick’s Day Chicago 2020

In exactly one week, Chicagoans will officially be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Since it falls on a Tuesday, which happens to be Illinois primary election day, most festivities will happen this weekend. And anyone who has lived in Chicago long enough knows that we do not hold back on this holiday. From dyeing…

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2019 Roadway Fatalities Down

A recent study about deaths on U.S. roadways concluded that the numbers were down again in 2019. This marks two consecutive years, dating back to 2017, where the number of deaths due to accidents dropped slightly. Similarly, the same report states that serious injury, meaning a medical professional consulted an injured person, had slightly dropped…

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