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Solar-Panel Roads, A Failure For Now

The world we live in changes constantly, as well as our energy needs. For a long time, gas and oil have powered our vehicles and lives, but solar-technology has become more popular. Aside from installing solar panels on houses, buildings, cars, or open fields, some have proposed using roads. In fact, France took a leap…

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Couple Out $9,000 After Car Scam

Buying a new or used vehicle is an exciting process but requires attention to detail. Allow yourself the opportunity to visually inspect, test drive, and/or have a third-party mechanic look at it. Above all, remember that car scams are not easy to stop sometimes, even at a dealership. One Chicago couple found out the hard…

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How To Handle A Blown-Out Tire

A blown-out tire presents a dangerous event, where many drivers may not feel they know what to do. Although it is not a common occurrence, tire blowouts happen and never at a good time. Knowing how to handle a blown-out tire can save you and passengers from injury or damage to the vehicle.  If you…

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What To Consider Before Canceling Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle, operate a vehicle that you don’t own, or required to carry the Sr-22, then auto insurance is mandatory. But for one reason or another, people cancel their auto insurance without considering the consequences. This post will go through what to consider before canceling auto insurance. No Longer Own Vehicle In…

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Bridgeport’s Brown Menace

As recently reported in the Chicago Suntimes, there is a serial car vandaliser in Bridgeport, Chicago. The assailant uses bodily waste to smear and cover cars, and recently even a storefront window. The person vandalizing cars has not been caught, and the last description for them was a black sweatshirt, hat, tan pants, and a…

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How Often Should You Shop Auto Insurance

Is there anything more dreadful then paying your auto insurance bill every month? You may feel like the price you got was the best you were going to get, but you may be wrong. Often times people will stick with the same insurer, usually because of the price or services offered. There is no denying…

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How To Reduce The Likelihood Of Car Theft


Few situations are more frustrating than your car being stolen. Even with proper insurance coverage, a stolen vehicle affects your daily life drastically. Although there is no way to absolute grantee a thief won’t steal your vehicle, there are ways to reduce the chances. There are several items or features you can purchase, that help prevents…

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How to Tell If You Need New Tires


A simple maintenance tip for all car owners is monitoring your tire’s tread. Bald tires do not catch the road as well as new ones, making driving dangerous. Bad tread can lead to accidents and auto insurance claims, especially in poor weather conditions. Not everyone knows how to check their tread, and many people may…

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How To Help Prevent Car Vandalism


Theft and vandalism auto insurance claims are not as uncommon as you’d hope. Even with the best auto coverage, vandalism can be a hassle to deal with. There are several methods of preventing vandalism that goes beyond having or installing an alarm. Some methods are more clever and affordable, where others are expensive but worth…

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Questions To Ask Before Buying Auto Insurance


The number one feature people look for in auto insurance is the price. After finding a good price, people may be wondering what exactly are they paying for. What scenarios are they protected in, is there a cancelation cost, late fees, etc. These questions should be asked before purchasing any policy so that the holder…

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