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Car Insurance Rates Rise In 2020

As recently reported by Business Insider, car insurance rates are rising in several states this year. Unfortunately, Illinois happens to be one of the affected states, which means some drivers will pay more. Now, the increase does not affect every driver, especially those with a good driving record. However, a large number of people will see their rates rise due to the ever-changing amounts of accidents occurring. This post will discuss details regarding the increase and how you can steal find cheap policies.

For Those Affected

As stated earlier, drivers in several states will see their car insurance rates increase in 2020. For Illinois, the reported number of affected drivers totals 678,278, according to Business Insider.  Additionally, they reported that the increase in car insurance rates would be about 4%. Although 4% seems like a small increase, no one is thrilled about their rates increasing. Luckily, the increase does not affect each individual driver.

The Power Of Quote Shopping

So, if your past year of driving has been good and is clear of any previous accidents, you should not see an increase. For those who do see an increase when it’s time to renew their policy, they have options. If you do not like the car insurance rate you receive, consider shopping around. You can easily find car insurance quotes online and compare several rates.

Take-Home Message

Hopefully, when you renew your policy this year, you will not be one of the drivers affected by the rate increase. Regardless of whether your car insurance rates go up this year, browsing for a better rate is always ideal. It may be a small difference in savings, but anything is better than a rate increase. If you want to find an affordable car insurance policy, or if you need to find an Sr22 policy, we can help. 

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