The Price We Pay For Safety

We truly live in a time of great innovation and technology regarding cars and transportation. Companies have invested greatly in safety technology such as advanced collision warning and anti-lock brakes. The tech helps drivers stay safer on the roadways and helps them avoid accidents. While dealerships and companies try to sell consumers on safety features, they often leave out what it would cost to repair or replace broken features. In fact, Consumer Reports found one man received a $1,400 quote for his windshield due to the safety features it contained. He, like many others, found out the hard way. So we thought a discussion safety feature necessity and what drivers should know about them.

Not Your Average Windshield

As mentioned earlier, Consumer Reports recently put out an article about the cost of repair for safety features on vehicles. One of the people they talked to said repairmen quoted outrageous amounts of money for a windshield. The windshield possessed a camera that helps multiple different safety features coordinate properly. Luckily, he received a better quote later at $910, but even then the price far exceeds the average windshield cost. A typical cost to replace it would be anywhere from $100 – $400 depending on a few factors. So even a low-ball quote of $910 is still double the amount a regular windshield costs. 

Useful, But Expensive Still

Before you start thinking all safety features are a scam or useless, consider the good they do as well. In a study, vehicles with specific features such as forward collision warning and automated emergency braking had 46% less rear-end collisions. The study was done by the University of Michigan also found that vehicles with lane departure warnings had 21% fewer crashes. So, while features could end up costing you a lot of money to repair or replace they could also be saving you from an accident.   

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