Winter Tires & Other Winter Necessities

It seems like winter approaches earlier and earlier every year. Normally, Chicago doesn’t see snow until late November, but this year we were hit in late October. As temperatures continue to drop, and precipitation continues to fall, you can expect road conditions to get dangerous. There are several things you can do to help keep yourself from causing or being in an accident this winter. Purchasing winter tires, taking the proper preparation steps, and finding the right auto insurance policy are all ways to protect yourself this winter.

Winter Tires

Hopefully, the early snow didn’t catch too many people by surprise. Surely there were many people rushing to defrost windshields and scrape ice while trying to not be late for work. In the rush to get to work you may have noticed how poorly your tires handled the snow or slush. At this time of year, some elect to switch out their tires for either new ones or winter tires. If you can afford it, getting a set of winter tires may save you from an auto insurance claim. Of course, before you even get on the road, you’ll likely be doing a bit of ice scraping first. 

Ice removal/Prevention

Once you have taken care of the winter tires, the next problem you will face is ice build-up. Most people have an ice scraper, but there are other useful items you can keep in your car for winter. Consider a windshield cover, placed on top of the windshield, which prevents snow and ice from sticking. Another annoyance drivers face in winter is ice build up on the windows and doors, preventing either from opening. Although you may never need to open your windows in winter, ice and snow make it more difficult to see through. 

Many people attempt to roll the window down to shake ice and snow off but are met with an unbudging window. The best solution for windows and doors would be to purchase some WD-40 or silicone-based lubricant spray and rub it into the rubber parts of your windows and car doors. Make sure the windows are all the way down and that you rub the lubricant all the way around to ensure nothing sticks. For the doors, rub the lubricant along the rubber layer that goes around the door, similar to the window.  

Auto insurance

Before the winter season comes into full effect, you may want to think about your auto insurance coverage. You may be a safe winter driver, and you may have taken all the right steps such as buying winter tires. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are susceptible to winter road conditions, or other driver’s lack of preparation. According to a Consumer Reports survey done in 2017, 3 out of 4 drivers feel nervous about driving in winter conditions. Upgrade your insurance or find a more affordable policy to ensure that any damage caused this winter is covered.

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