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Archive for March 2019

What You Need To Complete A Car Insurance Quote


When you request a car insurance quote, an agent or online quote widget will ask for basic information as well as detailed car information. In order to complete an accurate auto insurance quote, Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Chicago needs the following information. First and last name The first and last name provided will be compared…

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3 Money-Saving Tips For Car Insurance


Having good insurance coverage definitely adds to the expense of owning a car. However, there are ways to save on your insurance costs to help you get the best coverage at a great price. 1. Choose the right car Insurance rates are affected by a car’s price, repair costs and safety features. Before buying a…

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3 Car Insurance Myths Drivers Believe Are True


There are a lot of car insurance myths people still think are true. This article will help drivers understand the truth regarding the 3 most common car insurance myths. 1. The color of a car affects its insurance rate Car insurance companies price insurance policies based on a car’s safety features and its repair and…

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Where You Live Will Affect Your Car Insurance Rates


Where you live will impact your car insurance rates. This is because where you live has a lot to do with the chances of you have of getting into a car accident.  When insurance providers ask for a zip code and mailing address when quoting you, they are really asking for the following information: The claims…

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