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Archive for June 2019

Bridgeport’s Brown Menace

As recently reported in the Chicago Suntimes, there is a serial car vandaliser in Bridgeport, Chicago. The assailant uses bodily waste to smear and cover cars, and recently even a storefront window. The person vandalizing cars has not been caught, and the last description for them was a black sweatshirt, hat, tan pants, and a…

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How Often Should You Shop Auto Insurance

Is there anything more dreadful then paying your auto insurance bill every month? You may feel like the price you got was the best you were going to get, but you may be wrong. Often times people will stick with the same insurer, usually because of the price or services offered. There is no denying…

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How To Reduce The Likelihood Of Car Theft


Few situations are more frustrating than your car being stolen. Even with proper insurance coverage, a stolen vehicle affects your daily life drastically. Although there is no way to absolute grantee a thief won’t steal your vehicle, there are ways to reduce the chances. There are several items or features you can purchase, that help prevents…

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