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Archive for December 2019

Information Needed For Quotes

Car insurance is not only an important thing to have but something all drivers in Illinois must have to drive legally. In order to operate any vehicle in Illinois, a driver must carry proof of car insurance, which means they will need to find a policy.  Before shopping for car insurance quotes you may be…

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Salt Damage: Your Car & Road

When winter hits Chicago, you can expect there to be plenty of ice and snow. Of course, when ice and snowfalls so do road salt to melt it away. Without getting too scientific, salt helps break up ice and turns it into the water so your tires can catch the pavement. Without salting crews, roadways…

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Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Since Christmas is a little over a week away, some people may still need some last-minute gift ideas. If you’re struggling to find those little gifts that won’t break the budget while still being useful, check out the Business Insider’s list. These Christmas gifts work best for car lovers, but most are practical things anyone…

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Christmas Tree Transport

With Christmas coming along in mere weeks, many people have already put up their trees. But before you put any ornaments on the tree, you have to go out and get a tree. Although “fake” trees have become more popular, there are still plenty of families who love taking home a real Christmas tree. Unfortunately,…

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Winter Parking Ban Begins

While the weather outside is frightful, there is nothing delightful about waking up and noticing the city towed your car. That’s right Chicago, this past Sunday marks the beginning of the towing season for the majority of main roadways throughout the city. Hopefully, you were not one of those unfortunate people whose car was towed…

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