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Coronavirus During Spring Break

As the coronavirus continues spreading throughout the world, many travelers may want to reconsider their spring break plans. Many college-aged people either begin or are already in their spring break, a time when many go on vacations. With so many new air travel restrictions, people have to decide whether to cancel their vacations or drive…

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Tips For Driving In Snow & Icy Conditions

One of the scariest parts of driving during the winter months in Chicago is all the snow and ice that plagues roadways. Even when the road appears clear, drivers might not notice black ice and before they know it they are losing control of their vehicle. Hopefully this winter season you don’t find yourself unprepared…

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Information Needed For Quotes

Car insurance is not only an important thing to have but something all drivers in Illinois must have to drive legally. In order to operate any vehicle in Illinois, a driver must carry proof of car insurance, which means they will need to find a policy.  Before shopping for car insurance quotes you may be…

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Couple Out $9,000 After Car Scam

Buying a new or used vehicle is an exciting process but requires attention to detail. Allow yourself the opportunity to visually inspect, test drive, and/or have a third-party mechanic look at it. Above all, remember that car scams are not easy to stop sometimes, even at a dealership. One Chicago couple found out the hard…

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How To Handle A Blown-Out Tire

A blown-out tire presents a dangerous event, where many drivers may not feel they know what to do. Although it is not a common occurrence, tire blowouts happen and never at a good time. Knowing how to handle a blown-out tire can save you and passengers from injury or damage to the vehicle.  If you…

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